Furthering Humanity: A Theology of Culture

T J Gorringe

Shortlisted 2005
Published on 28 Mar 2004

How should we reflect theologically about culture? Tim Gorringe presents a threefold reflection:

First, Gorringe interrogates culture through contemporary cultural studies but also through the contribution of the theologian, J.G. Herder. He concludes by considering the question of cultural imperialism.

Secondly, Gorringe asks where power is located in culture, and how the church relates to that, arguing that the central theses of liberation theology are far from dead.

The third part turns to questions of mission, asking whether this is morally feasible in a culturally pluralist world and considering the implications of Samuel Huntington’s notorious thesis of the ‘clash of civilizations’. Gorringe argues that mission is in fact a vital part of a respectful multicultural society.

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